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PB Petroleum is a leading independent producer and merchant of physical energy products and commodities. We produce, process, finance, and transport key energy commodities to close supply and demand imbalance around the world. Our core business is the supply and transport of crude oil and petroleum products.

In addition to trading key commodities, we have invested in upstream oil, gas and agricultural projects and infrastructure assets. These investments and assets play an integral role in helping us to smooth commodities marketplace worldwide, giving us a significant competitive advantage over our competitors.  

Our goal is to create sustainable growth and value for our shareholders, customers, partners and vendors. Through our global network in energy and commodity industries, we have developed long-lasting relationships with the major industrial producers and consumers around the world.



The world is more dynamic than ever before. In order to continue our prosperity in 21st century, we spend our time and resources to understand the trends and forces that will shape our industry in the future. We have clear mission and values that we inherently follow to be the global leader in energy and commodity trading.

      Our Mission:​

  • To provide customized products to each of our customers

  • Nurture strong relationships with suppliers and partners

  • Be a highly effective, innovative and fast-moving organization

  • Provide safe working environment for our people in all circumstances

  • Support to build our communities around us

  • Create sustainable growth for our shareholders


      Our Values:

  • Put customer interests ahead of the firm’s

  • Provide the best quality products and services to our customers

  • Conducting business with honesty and sincerity

  • Challenging the status quo and finding ways to grow our company

  • Encourage innovation and new ideas among our people to thrive

  • Encourage diversity to fully leverage different backgrounds, experiences and cultures


Years of experience of the executive committee

barrels of crude  capable of trading monthly



Worldwide offices


millions USD invested

mission & values
Chairman's Message

I am delighted to present to you our company.

We believe that the way to ensure the future and the growth of PB Petroleum is to find out what products and what services would have value to our clients and to society in general. We also believe that it is indispensable to tell the world about our desire to create the value that our clients want, and to communicate even more profoundly with our clients in a wide range of fields.

We understand the most important items in our industry are safety, time, cost, and quality, while protecting our environment.

With this in mind, PB Petroleum collaborates with our clients with project inception to deliver the best possible outcome. We are driven to achieving a legacy through a synergized approach, based on integrity and satisfaction, building unsurpassed relationships and sustainable trading solutions.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.

                                                                                                           Don Levy

                                                                                                      Chairman & Co-Founder


At PB Petroleum, our management team is fully committed to provide unprecedented results for our clients, our people and our communities. With decades of experience in energy and finance industry, our team brings invaluable insights and expertise to provide tailored solutions to each of our client’s needs. Today, our success is the result of a highly entrepreneurial spirit and uncompromising ethics of our team. We prioritize on fostering leadership among our people for the growth of our firm and customer base.


Board of Directors

PB Petroleum is governed by a board of directors who provide strategic and management oversight as well as global business perspective, while maintaining shareholders’ interest as top priority.

The Executive Committee

Our executive committee is comprised of 9 members from the company’s major functions and regions. The committee oversees day to day operations to meet our business objectives while maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards. Their responsibilities are, but not limited to:

  • Developing and implementing sound strategy, operational plans, policies, procedures and budgets.

  • Risk management strategies

  • Monitoring competitive forces in each area of operation

  • Monitoring operating and financial performance

  • Prioritizing and allocating resources  

Meet The Team

           Pia Huang,
Co-founder & President
Frederick Newcomb.png
Frederick Newcomb,
Managing Partner
William M. Noe,
Managing Partner
Jeffrey Miller,
Managing Partner
Steven Trabish.png
Hekmat Khalouf
Senior Managing Director
Steven Trabish, Esq.,
Managing Director


Pia Huang

Pia started her career in the 1990s in the hometown of Mao Zedong commonly known as Chairman Mao, was a Chinese communist revolutionary who became the founding father of the People’s Republic of China today: Hunan province. She successively served as Deputy Manager, and Purchasing General Manager of Huang Dynasty logistics Company. A family private company since the Han Dynasty. She also in charge of the business management and data administration of her family logistics company.

She attended Hunan Academy of Forestry now known as Central South University of Forestry and Technology with a Bachelor degree in Computer and Information Engineering and Masters in Data Administration and Chinese literature.

Pia as a co-founder and president of PB Petroleum, she brings her almost two decades of East and West experience to help build the company and oversee all aspects of the business management, business development and logistics data.

Frederick Newcomb

Frederick Newcomb serves as our Managing Director of Global Trade Finance at PB Petroleum. In today’s international financial world, design and buildout of financial instruments have risen to mission-critical funding needs, ranging from local startups to country financing.


Owner and President of Newcomb and Company for over three decades as an NASD/FINRA Registered General Securities Principal and Registered Representative licensed to sell securities, he is known for financial services institutional and mutual fund building, development, and sales. This led to specialization in investment banking, wholesale syndication and the development of investment pools, serving large and small national and international financial institutions, agencies, and even governments themselves.

During that period, as President of AIM Financial Services, he guided that financial services industry company, as a provider of software, systems, through data processing and mutual fund transfer agency and investment banking, from arranging the financing of Samsung’s entry into the computer market in the United States in the commercial arena, to the creation and sales of investment companies in the mutual fund, insurance, hedge fund and venture capital industries and eventually on a worldwide basis.

Prior to AIM, Mr. Newcomb was employed by Putnam, where he was Vice President of the Putnam Daily Dividend Trust and Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing for Putnam and Eberstadt, working in the areas of load mutual fund distribution through broker/dealers, the introduction to no load institutional and retirement markets and the creation of the bank market for the Putnam Funds, which became half of Putnam’s assets. Prior to Putnam, he was Director of Marketing for the Scudder Funds for eleven years.


A pioneer of the mutual fund industry, Mr. Newcomb was one of the founders and directors of the No-Load Mutual Fund Association (NLMFA), where he served as industry President. He also was a director and Executive Committee member of the National Investment Company Services Association (NICSA) as well a member of the Investment Company Institute (ICI) and the Investment Counsel Association (ICA). His industry firsts include: the first cash management system for money market funds; the first wire transfer between unaffiliated investment companies; the inclusion of 403(b) plans placed into ERISA; the first mutual fund 401(k) plan filed and produced under ERISA; and the first international mutual fund merger, involving Loomis Sayles Canadian & International Fund and Scudder International Investments Fund.


As part of his practice at Newcomb & Company, Mr., Newcomb combined investment banking and financial services by building the Advantage Trust Funds for Great American First Bank, the Sierra Trust Funds for Great Western Bank, sold the original Pro Funds to the American Medical Association to create AMA Funds and did the consulting analysis for the sale of Stein Roe and Farnham to Liberty Mutual Financial Services. He provided the original consulting for the formation of the Morgan Stanley Mutual Funds, built the Alexander Hamilton Life Variable Annuities and restructured the investment company services structure for Riggs Bank of Washington, DC. Mr. Newcomb has also built international and foreign fund portfolios outside of the United States.


Mr. Newcomb is a graduate of Boston University. He also attended the University of Maine School of Management and is a graduate of the Career Life Underwriting School. He has served on the Board of Directors of the US Boston

 Funds and Board of Advisers of General Defense Systems and other various companies.

William M. Noe

William M. Noe is PB Petroleum’s Executive Managing Director of Corporate Development & Strategy. He brings nearly 50 years of experience on Wall Street in the financing and management of technology ventures, resource projects from oil & gas exploration and development, to precious metals mining and real estate development. He has tempered his deal making and financial market expertise with the realities of “hands-on” management of innovative companies in the competitive business environment. Mr. Noe currently has investments and management responsibilities in several high-tech companies. He serves as the President of AmeriStar Network, Inc., a public company (AMWK.PK). He serves as the Chief Financial Officer of nVIAsoft, Inc., a company with biometric identification technology licensed from a major US Government affiliated laboratory. In addition, Mr. Noe is the President of American Energy Glass, Inc., a company exploiting the nano-technology employed in creating clear glass that can function like a solar panel in generating renewable energy. Mr. Noe is also the Managing Partner – US Operations for ADAC Investments Management, LLC which manages over US$1 Billion in a real estate development fund, ADAC Overseas Properties, LLC based in Hong Kong with investments in Malaysia, Australia, Japan and now the USA. The fund was established in by partners in China responsible for the development of over 100 million square meters of condominiums, office buildings, retirement villages, retail and theme parks in many cities throughout China.
He holds a M.B.A. (Finance) from the Harvard Business School and a B.A. (Economics) from the University of Southern California and brings deep wisdom and experience to the team.

Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller is a Managing Partner of Communications & Media at PB Petroleum. His excellent communication and listening plays an important role at PB Petroleum. He is a Senior Vice President and Media Director of Fortune Empire, the leading platform for connecting Capital Providers to those Seeking Capital. He was founder of Miller Communications Group in the Bay Area and was also the President of Monaco Private Capital, a Merchant Banking company in New York City providing consulting services to growing companies who need capital and business development. Jeff has launched successful media businesses in Silicon Valley and has built a successful career in the life sciences and information technology industries. He was a managing director of media at Burrill and Company, a global venture capital fund in San Francisco, with over $1.5 billion of assets under management. Earlier in his career, Mr. Miller served as a top-level executive with Nielsen Business Media, IDG Publications, Ziff-Davis Publishing Company and ad director of PC Magazine, publisher of MacUser Magazine and associate publisher of the Internet Industry Standard. He also was a sales director of various events at SoftBank Expos and Conferences.

Hekmat Khalouf

Hekmat Khalouf was appointed Senior Managing Director of PB Petroleum for the Middle East. He has strong connections with various investors in the Middle East and works as a liaison between the investors and PB Petroleum. Mr. Khalouf has five years of experience in oil trade, three years in the Middle East, and two years with PB Petroleum.  Prior to working in the oil trade business, he worked in Real Estate in the Middle East and was very successful. At the same time, he managed and operated a large clothing business and warehouse in Syria. He received two years of Business training from Higher Institute of Business Administration in Damascus, Syria. Mr. Khalouf also managed a successful construction company for five years in New York City.  His diverse experience and interpersonal skills have made him a strong addition to PB Petroleum. Hekmat Khalouf’s long-lasting relationships with investors around the world and his experience in business make him essential to the team.

Steven Trabish

Steven Trabish serves as an Executive Managing Director of PB Petroleum. Steven is the official attorney for Libyan National Oil Company. Trained as a lawyer, he began his career working with a number of domestic and international corporate clients. He built his own firm and found that he was sought after for his skill in structuring investment transactions. His career led him to Halcyon Partners where he became Managing Director. He chose to stay in the financial services sector and over the last several years has done hundreds of million dollars placement in debt and equity financing. Steven brings vision and the interpersonal glue that holds the team together.

Hekmat Khalouf
Pia Huang-Levy
Frederick Newcomb
Steven Trabish
William Noe
Tanvir Ullah
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Jeffrey Miller
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